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Sup guys. Wanna critique me? Go ahead. :D

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Okay, now that the semester is over, I will become more active. But:

I have realized how epic fail I've been at tagging. Somewhere there's a lot of threads lying around in limbo 'cause I haven't tagged back.

Therefore this post exists so I can attempt to fix that. Actually this was one of my New Years Resolutions. orz

Er...basically, all you guys have to do is leave a comment with a link to a recent thread involving a certain Terror of FailDeath or any peeps I decide to play in the future.

If I don't tag back within 3 days, PM me or leave another comment. NAG AT ME. :O

Commence nagging. \o/

*orzes forever*
A young man frowns as he surveys his surroundings as if wondering where is that squeaking sound coming from. He resembles that Haseo guy who Kite mentioned in his recent scrambled entry. You also might've seen him around. Except...he looks different. Less skin and more armor.

"What the - did I fall asleep at my terminal again?" He looks down at his body. "I'm...still in this form. I - Gck-!" He grabs at forehead in pain as red symbols appear over his body. "I...Skeith? No...not now. Nngh...later, alright?" The symbols fade as a voice chuckles. Come to think of it, it sounds like its coming from Haseo.

Haseo himself grumbles in frustration and crosses his arms. "Tch...fine. I guess this is not a dream." The sqeaking sound picks up again. "But where is that sound coming from?" He turns and sees what appears to be a green rabbit emerging from underneath his bed. "It's that Moon Rabbit from December..." He runs after it. The rabbit spots him and runs for it. They both run off screen where a punting noise is heard.

"You're super fast! I really admire that! I'm going to help you out, here!" There is a poofing sound and suddenly Haseo's in the camera's line of sight. When did he do that...?

"Wonder how Tri-Edge is doing..." He disappears from the camera's view and a door opens. After a couple of minutes, the video cuts out and the feed ends.

((Here's the deal, after kicking the Moon Rabbit, he gained its speed. If you manage to outrun and touch/kick/punch/badtouch/random action him, he'll compulsively hand over 400 exp (or money if you're not from ZA WARUDO) and disappear in a puff of smoke. He will reappear in a different location in the mansion or somewhere outside after a minute passes though.

And yeah, canon update is go. Ovan convinced him that his time in the mansion was all a dream. All Kites might want to avoid him. :O

EDIT: OH YEAH. He doesn't know an event is going on. So he doesn't realize he's sort of a ghost. \o\;))

[63 - Brb, forever scarred for life]

Is there a bleach out there that can scrub certain images and stuff from your mind?

I seriously need it right now.
So...whose memory did I get?

Anybody know a girl named Elle who can control lightning?
I...I killed that Trevor bastard with my own abilities. How could I forget that?

Did this happen when I was Sora? Was that why I couldn't remember this? Hell, I can't remember anything else about when I was supposedly him.

...Do I still have that power?
So this is what the doormouse meant? The whole mansion is turned into a town?

I think this is just a distraction. Didn't that mouse say something about all the worlds ending?
*In the background, a rattling breath becomes louder as its owner approaches Haseo, who must be feeling the effects as there are sounds of rustling fabric while Haseo pulls a sheet off the bed to warm himself up.*

If I got to Hulle Granz Cathedral sooner...Shino would be...

*The Dementor now sounds as though its behind him.*

Damn...it's so cold in here... Huh? What are you doing...in my room? If you wanted to talk you should've knocked first. Ngh...Shit...I can't feel weak right now. I...Shino's...still...what are you doing? The...hell? Where the hell are your...? No...stay back! Get away from me you freak! Nooo-*The recording cuts off*

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